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The Meme Economy

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What is

Archetype is the backbone of the information and meme economies. Archetype allows anyone to create their own cryptographic tokens representing memes or any kind of information imaginable. The network effect of this technology is a living, breathing ecosystem of information, memes, and ideas, along with a myriad of new industries - the true meme economy.

How It Works

The Archetype Network utilizes decentralized networks to create a secure, scalable, and robust system of meme token creation and trading. Users with a idea or meme can create their own blockchain-secured tokens to enable that information to take on an economic life. Instant market creation is made possible by Archetype's In-DEX, or Information Decentralized Exchange. The In-DEX is a series of smart-contracts allowing users to posts bids and asks directly to the blockchain. There is never a third party involved with your meme token.

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ARX Token & IBO

The ARX Token is the native medium of exchange throughout the Archetype Network. Archetype is a community oriented project and we have managed to create it's essential services without any money thus far.

Accepting a huge amount of money as do most ICOs in exchange for the network token is anathema to decentralizing the power of the project. Because of this, we have opted for an Initial Burn Offering, or IBO.

Participants in the crowd-burn will, instead of sending their coins to us, send them to a special address that can provably can never be spent (hence, 'burned') in exchange for ARX Tokens. This allows real value to be transmuted into Arc without the perverse incentives of a massive crowdfund. Archetype is a network for the world!

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Noosphere & Industry of Memes

The first service built on Archetype is Noosphere - part block explorer, part content aggregator. Noosphere allows you to easily browse through all the tokens on the Archetype Network and explore the meme economy. Tokens on the Archetype Network can be used in a myriad of business functions. Additional uses include decentralized art projects, financial services, and information services - new industries built on information that will change the way we think about business.

Powered by Ethereum & IPFS

The Archetype Network uses a core of Ethereum smart-contracts to support its decentralized token creation, In-DEX, and other features. All tokens can link to a media file stored in IPFS and embed the file's hash natively. This makes Archetype both robust and scalable for tokenization and data-storage services.


January 15th: IBO Period Begins
February 25th: Last day of IBO
February 26th: ARX Token Distribution & Live Mainnet
April 2nd: In-DEX
May 14th: Noosphere

In The Press

Archetype brings creatives together to interact with memes... launch your meme boldly and see if it will replicate.

Archetype empowers the creatives
-Community Press

Archetype embraces automation

Don't Let Your Memes be Dreams

What can you create? Archetype allows anyone to participate in the economy of ideas and connect to a worldwide network of peers. From simple memes to complex information-based organizations, the only limit to what you can create is your imagination.